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Recycling Containers Can Cut Your Bill for Trash Removal

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To any school, college, business, or event, the economic benefits of recycling are simple and substantial. Colleges, schools, businesses and those hosting large events pay hefty fees for the collection, transportation and disposal of garbage and trash. Often, it contains more recyclable materials than actual garbage or trash. Beverage containers, food service containers and documents make up the majority of “the trash” that is transported to already full landfills.
Trash or waste audits can be performed that will provide a reasonable estimate of just how much trash volume and expense can be reduced when you strategically place recycling containers throughout a campus, school, business, or event. At schools and colleges, cafeterias and libraries are ideal locations for recycling containers.
School administrators in particular, may not fully understand the extent of their trash expense. In Seattle, Virginia Mason Hospital recently reduced their garbage expense by $170,000 a year after increasing the use of recycling containers. In addition, the amount of garbage they contributed to landfills was reduced by 80%. Certainly, colleges or large institutions could use that kind of savings.

The Fibrex Group has recycling containers designed for durability and easy cleaning which are also attractive. Recycling bins can have the college or school mascot on them, or they can be color-coordinated with the event or business logo. Our recycling containers are clearly labeled and are made from numerous materials, in many sizes and shapes, to fit nearly every need or decor.

By installing and promoting the use of recycling containers, colleges, schools, businesses and municipalities can significantly reduce their trash expenses and their carbon footprint. School board officials, community leaders and investors will see this as positive indicators of your success and innovative thinking. Additionally, the community will see your business or event as a responsible neighbor, rather than a disruption or intrusion. The successful use of recycling containers will improve your reputation and social performance and keep more cash in the bank.

That Half Empty Plastic Soda Bottle Can Contaminate the Entire Bin

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 21, 2011

This blog post centers upon the little known fact that partially filled plastic containers can ruin the recycling process.  We discussed this subject with our kids the other day.  Our youngest suggested we “put it in our new blog”.  How can we argue with that?
We have a curbside recycle bin and recently discovered a three-quarters-full plastic soda bottle.  You might be surprised how this seemingly benign circumstance can have a dramatic effect on the recycling process.

Consider these facts:

  • Machines that handle the sorting of the materials can become damaged, which means that precious time, energy and money will be needed to repair the machines.
  • Liquids and solids left in recyclable materials makes the job far more difficult and inefficient for workers sorting the material by hand.
  • Certain biodegradable materials actually inhibit the materials in the bin from turning into the highest quality materials possible
  • In extreme cases, foreign matter in the recycling containers can result in the entire bin content being sent directly to the landfill.
Now back to those kids.  I know that they are much more concerned about “Mother Earth” than they are about wasting Mom and Dad’s hard-earned money.  While I don’t expect to see any more half-full soda bottles in our recycle bin,  I am a realist and know their concern for Mother Earth will not  resolve their natural calling to open 12-ounce drinks to satisfy their two-ounce thirst. I suppose they will devise some creative (and comical) covert product disposal methods all in the name of protecting the environment.  


The Fibrex Group's Custom Recycle Box Helps Shopko Stores Improve Brand Loyalty

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shopko recycling container in storeThe next time you visit (or drive by) any of  the 250 Shopko stores nation-wide, take note of the Fibrex Group “Custom Recycle Box” prominently displayed at the store entrance.   As we discussed in a previous blog post, Shopko understands the environmental awakening within their client-base and took decisive action.  

Shopko discovered a recurring widespread dilemma within their customer base.  Customers love the utility and convenience of plastic bags at check out, but they are also increasingly unhappy with the amount of plastic they send out with the trash.  Fibrex solved the Shopko customer dilemma via the Shopko “Custom Recycling Box”.  

Consider what this has done for Shopko and what it could do for your business.   For an ever-increasing number of Shopko customers, the first thing they do is deposit the plastic bags of their previous purchase in the custom recycle box.  This conscious act of returning bags to a recycling receptacle is a disciplined, productive act that delivers personal reward associated with the simple act of walking into Shopko. The consumer may or may not actively associate Shopko with the positive emotion, but the subconscious association is indisputable.  

The Fibrex Group's Recycle Box is a low cost collection solution suitable for all types of recyclables: bottles & cans, plastics, paper, or anything else the proprietor wishes to collect.  It is available in a 32 & 44-gallon capacity and is easily customized to perfectly blend into your business model.  We are proud to inform that we manufacture all Recycle Boxes with a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Feel free to contact us today at 1.866.756.4560 and we will be happy to create a custom design just for you, using your logos and colors. Be sure to check out our other fine recyclable products we have to offer as well.

View Fibrex Products at Baltimore Trade Show, March 15-17, 2011!

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Eco Mod Recycling Bin EM2The Fibrex Group invites you to view the latest in green design recycling receptacles, site furnishings, and playground technologies at the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) Conference and Expo. NFMT is the fastest growing conference and trade show of its kind in the nation.

The Fibrex Group will proudly display our industry leading products such as the Mobius and Eco Mod Designer Recycling receptacles (example at right), the environmentally friendly Play Mart Green Design Playgrounds, our latest “Solar Bollard” lighting systems, and more!

Please visit us at the NFMT event. We look forward to meeting you.  Of course contact us anytime for more information.

Fibrex Recycling Containers Drive Client Loyalty to Your Business

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shopko recycling container in storeGiven the explosive rise in the volume of "earth friendly" consumers, business owners across the globe now realize that the prominent display of recycling containers is both a profitable and personally rewarding experience.  Business owners who display recycling stations deliver relief to the public's ever-increasing desire to be environmentally responsible.  So the bottom line is this: Business owners who display readily available recycling services generate conscious and subconscious-driven loyalty within the customers they serve.   

If you own/operate any heavy foot traffic retail, manage apartments, or manage hotels, Fibrex's Apartment/Hotel Multi-Recycling 6-gallon Bin will help solidify client loyalty. This bin is freestanding and fits conveniently under sinks or into tight spaces. It has a slanted opening for easy access, with a liquid retention reservoir to prevent residual liquids from making a mess. It is also stackable when the handle is pulled forward to create a multi-purpose recycling station. It is perfect for hotels, dormitories, and offices as well!

The Fibrex Group offers competitive factory-direct pricing on the largest selection of recycling & waste receptacles. Each product is versatile and designed to meet a wide variety of recycling and litter collection needs. Contact us today to learn more about how you can simultaneously help the environment, increase client loyalty, and ultimately your business’ profitability.