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School Playgrounds made from Recycled Milk Jugs Have Many Roles in Our Children's Schools

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School playgrounds are a hot topic. Kids need to play and schools need playgrounds. Across the nation, many of the pressure treated wood playgrounds are coming down to be replaced, with safer, more durable and reliable material.

Fibrex Group offers a wide variety of recycled plastic lumber playground equipment and benches. This playground equipment is made of Durable, maintenance-free recycled plastic, that never requires sealing or painting and will not rot, crack or splinter.  

With our nations children suffering from obesity, increased stress and vitamin D deficiencies, playgrounds need to be an integral part of the school day. With the increased focus in schools on recycling and reducing carbon footprints, bring “green” into your playground blueprint. This playground equipment, manufactured with 100% recycled plastic milk jugs will enhance your school, develop healthier, more active children and can aid as discussion point as a part of the children’s lesson plans.

Your school can choose from a wide variety of standard configurations, or create the park or playground of your dreams along with one of our designers. We offer complimentary 2D & 3D design and site plan services; a visual aid which can increase your ability to raise funds for development. Fibrex is happy to visit your site for a free consultation.  Call or contact us for your free full color catalog.

How to Start a Recycling Program in your Office

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, August 20, 2011

As much as 90% of office waste in the average workplace can be recycled. Here's how to get started.

Companies everywhere are ramping up efforts to recycle, but sustainability starts with your employees. They're the ones printing the sheets of paper and using the soda cans that often easily end up in the trash can.

In the average workplace, about 80% to 90% of solid waste is actually recyclable, according to the EPA.

Establishing an office recycling program won't just reduce your carbon footprint, but it could also save your business money. Here's how to get started.

The first step to setting up an effective recycling program is to figure out exactly what's going into the trash. Then, you can figure out which products are recyclable and which ones you want to include in your workplace recycling initiative. Do this is by reaching out to whoever collects your recycling, whether it's your municipal waste management program or your building management, and ask them exactly what they recycle and what they don't.

But start small. Don’t overwhelm emplooyees by offering them 20 different items that they can put into recycling containers.

Paper products are a typical place to start. In U.S. workplaces, one to two pounds of paper product waste is generated on average each day.

Beverage containers, too, are a no-brainer; most workers go through as many as 3 a day.

Recycling Bins
, separate for paper and for soda cans and other beverage containers, should be conveniently located. If employees are allowed to have soda at their desk, recycling containers should not only be located in the break room.

Whatever you decide to recycle, you'll need to appoint a coordinator to oversee and organize the program. This person should ideally be someone who is enthusiastic about sustainability and willing to help plan and see the entire recycling initiative through.

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Help Your Project Go Green With Recycling Containers and Site Furnishings

Darren Kincaid - Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fibrex Group designs, manufactures, sells, installs and services an innovative product line of recycling containers, waste receptacles, site furnishings and playground equipment. Providing attractive green design recycling containers and site furnishings in public spaces promotes good environmental stewardship while reducing waste and increasing recycling awareness.

Recently we have listed our products on a site called

GreenWizard, Inc. is the premier software provider helping the design and construction community simplify the process of managing green and efficient construction projects.

Architects, engineers, contractors, project owners, consultants, and others are able to utilize GreenWizard's interactive and dynamic tools to identify, compare, evaluate, and share product data and documentation, which is supplied and updated directly from Fibrex and other manufacturers.

Either Green Wizard or Fibrex Group will assist you to establish your project's green goals and recycling programs and objectives and then map out a plan to meet those goals. We can be part of your project team from start to finish or only be utilized when needed.

Recycling Containers Can Complement the Décor of Resort Hotels

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bordered by the picturesque Florida Bay and the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Hilton Key Largo Resort hotel is a stunning choice among Key Largo hotels. The Hilton Key Largo Resort, nestled on 12.5 acres of lush hardwood forestry along the Gulf of Mexico and the southern boundaries of the Everglades National Park, is a beautiful facility in a beautiful environment.

It is challenging to not be awed by the natural beauty that surrounds this hotel. It is easy to fathom why, just recently, the Hilton Key Largo Resort purchased the Metro Collection Unit for recycling.  These designer recycling containers fit in perfectly with the hotel's décor and high class atmosphere.

The Metro Collection recycling containers' clean lines and quality construction merge to create a container that is as visually stunning as it is functional. Metro Collection Recycling containers complement any décor, traditional or contemporary.

  • 100% Made in the USA with over 30% recycled materials
  • Constructed of fire-safe steel
  •  Elegant tapered body is finished in Hammered Copper
  •  Easy to remove lids
  • Rigid plastic liners with 18-gallon capacity
  • Entire Collection also available in Stainless Steel with Black texture
  • Lids and Tops with Black decals.
  • Also available in Single and Double Stream units 

For more information on recycling containers that would complement the décor in your resort hotel, please contact the Fibrex Group.