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Fibrex Helps Increase Multi-Family Recycling in the City of Raleigh, NC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 26, 2011

The City of Raleigh makes it easy for residents living in apartments, condominiums and townhouses to participate in the Raleigh Recycling program. The program provides collection centers in convenient locations in multi-family communities.  The Fibrex Profile 6 Compartment Recycling Container has been an integral part of increasing the recycling rate in Raleigh.

The Profile line of recycle containers  are very attractive in appearance and easy to use. Made from quality fiberglass with a high gloss gelcoat finish, these containers need little maintenance and will perform beautifully year after year.

High participation in the Raleigh Recycling Program shows that residents care about their environment and are willing to do their part to help reduce the amount of solid waste put in the landfill.  The management at each complex distributes city provided educational materials to their residents and are responsible for keeping the recycling containers and the collection area neat and clean between weekly collection visits.  

Raleigh Recycling collects thirteen different materials for recycling which include:
•   glass food and beverage containers
•   food and beverage cans
•   aluminum foil and trays
•   plastic bottles
•   plastic beverage rings
•   milk, juice and laundry softener gable top cartons
•   aseptic drink boxes
•   newspaper and all inserts
•   magazines and catalogs
•   white paper, including junk mail
•   paperboard, chipboard and paper tubes

“I think we truly have a success story with our program,” says Linda Leighton, the Waste Reduction Specialist for The City of Raleigh.  “It’s been a long, long, long road with lots of bumps due to budget restraints.  We are getting closer and closer to having recycling containers at all of our multi-family communities, despite the small funding and creative ideas we’ve had to deal with in the past.  With the economy the way it is and the whole growth of ‘green’ everywhere you look, the property managers are beginning to get pressure from their residents to recycle in their communities.  We have 480 multi-family communities participating to date (67%), and the participating units include 50,606 which is a 79% inclusion!”  

If you are a property owner interested in recycle containers, Fibrex Group can help you determine the best, most efficient and most economical recycle bins for your multi-family property. For more information contact us today.

The Fibrex Group: Leader in "Ecotourism" Market Development

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiawah Island Goes Green

Kiawah Island has always been renowned as a naturally beautiful location. Filled with vegetation, flora and fauna, you could call it the archetypal "green" destination.

Since resort and real estate construction began on the island in the 1970's, all development has been carefully designed to blend into the island's natural habitat. In fact, before any commercial earth was turned, a complete inventory of the island's wildlife and plant life was undertaken.

This commitment to nature preservation led to many innovative developments, including the requirement that all buildings remain behind the secondary dune line to protect this critical habitat. There are also no streetlights on Kiawah, as the artificial light could attract Loggerhead Sea Turtles away from the beach on which they nest for six months of the year.

Long before "ecotourism" became a marketing term, the resort was giving guests the opportunity to donate $2 per night during their stay to the Kiawah Island Conservancy, which is dedicated to the preservation of the island.

Each of the five championship golf courses as well as the grounds of The Sanctuary have been certified by Audubon International as Cooperative Sanctuaries. This award-winning education and certification program recognizes golf courses and other facilities for their sensitivity to protecting the environment. To achieve the Audubon Sanctuary Certification, golf courses and The Sanctuary demonstrated a high degree of environmental quality in a variety of categories, including Environmental Planning, Wildlife Habitat Management, Resource Conservation, Waste Management and Outreach and Education.

And, as the world does become more eco-conscious, the resort continues to respond with new initiatives, including additional nature programming, water conservation and recycling. Even the oyster shells from the summer oyster roasts are redistributed into the salt marsh around the island.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort 2011 Sustainability Initiatives

Solid Waste Reduction

Participation from all departments in KIGR's waste minimization programs is mandatory to the best of their abilities and spatial limitations. KIGR constantly monitors and manages recycling and trash pick-ups for the most efficient use of resources to best serve our guests and the Lowcountry. The types of items collected for rescue, recycling and composting, in addition to points of collection, will continue to expand to reduce the volume of land-filled material.

Public Area Recycling

In addition to providing residential curbside recycling pick up,  Kiawah Island Resort has placed the Fibrex  Envirodesign Recycled Plastic Lumber recycling centers at high traffic areas throughout the resort.  The recycling receptacles are located at the main pool, park and nature center.  The receptacles are set up to collect trash and bottles & cans and have received rave reviews from residents and guests alike.

Community Relations

Just as the beloved Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Painted Buntings play integral roles within the coastal ecosystem,  Kiawah lsland Golf Resort plays an integral part in the Charleston Community. By placing a concerted effort on repurposing usable items, conserving water and energy, and focusing on their local economy KIGR is fulfilling a beneficial niche.

Sustainable Food Initiative

"Sustainable" is food that is harvested in a manner that does not risk the health or future of the harvested population. While not compromising quality or guest satisfaction, efforts will be made to find local sources, organic products, and humane treatment of animals. Third party certifications will be sought out to verify these efforts where applicable.

Sustainable Product Availability

Increase the availability of more environmentally, socially and economically responsible products and services for guests, as well as employee use. Sustainability will be judged by the whole lifecycle of the product from extraction of raw materials, transportation, use and finally to proper disposal.

Harmful Materials Reduction

Achieve 100% recycling of all batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and e-waste. Emphasis will be placed on properly disposing paint and vehicle oil filters. Increase the availability of less harmful cleaning products, especially those chemicals that may be washed into our local wetland systems.

Play Mart Inc Receives 2010 Evergreen Award

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 05, 2011

As the exclusive mid-Atlantic distributor for Play Mart Products, The Fibrex Group would like to share this press release with you honoring Play Mart, Inc. This innovative and environmentally friendly business was honored for its commitment to the environment.

Play Mart, Inc was one of four businesses recently presented with the Evergreen Award by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The Evergreen Award Program was developed to annually recognize the efforts of partners who do business in an environmentally friendly way.

A total of 25 businesses were considered for the 2010 Evergreen Award. This Award was presented to a business in one of four categories. “These companies have done an outstanding job of making environmentally friendly options available to our federal customers and are committed to helping us reduce waste and save taxpayer dollars,” said Regional Administrator David H. Ehrenwerth. “We are honored to partner with companies that help us to green the government’s supply chain while creating a more sustainable environment and building a greener future.”

Play Mart, Inc., a manufacturer of recycled plastic commercial playground equipment, received the 2010 Evergreen Award in the Sports and Recreation category. A Woman-Owned / Family-Owned Small Business providing jobs in rural Kentucky, Play Mart manufactures 100% recycled plastic playground equipment and site amenities, diverting millions of jugs and bottles from landfills annually. Almost all of the company’s manufacturing waste, and more than 75% of the company’s operation waste, is recycled. The Take Back program ensures that the company’s products don’t go to landfills but are re-used and recycled. In 2010, Play Mart also eliminated its shop lighting and replaced it with an energy-efficient system of zoned and motion-detected fluorescent lighting. This change has provided an energy savings of nearly 7000 KWh per month which is equivalent to providing energy for 20 three bedroom houses annually.

The Evergreen Award itself “closes the recycling loop” in that it is made from recycled glass. The Award sets a high standard for other business partners to follow and is a wonderful example of how the federal government and businesses can work together. Play Mart is proud to be chosen by GSA as a partner that provide services and products that are environmentally sensitive and demonstrate its leadership in sustainability.

As the leading manufacturer of Recycled Plastic Play Systems, Play Mart celebrates 30 years of designing and manufacturing creative, age group specific play products (from 6 months to 12 years), fitness equipment, swings, site amenities, and ADA accessible components that meet and exceed current safety standards. All structural equipment is made from 100% recycled post-consumer HDPE. Recycled Structural Plastic and is low-maintenance with an outstanding warranty. Play Mart is a Woman-Owned / Family-Owned Small Business manufacturing a world-class product. Play Mart's products are sold nationally through a network of distributors as well as internationally. The Fibrex Group is the exclusive mid-Atlantic distributor for Play Mart, Inc. Contact us for more details on Play Mart products.