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Playground Equipment for Parks and Schools all on Sale

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is your school, town park or ball field looking for new, sustainable and durable playground equipment? Now through March 15 the Fibrex Group is offering an Early Bird Deals on Play Mart Playground Equipment. Fibrex is a distributor for Play Mart Playground Equipment, the leader in recycled plastic commercial playground equipment for schools, parks, day cares, churches, military installations and more.

We also offer early childhood equipment, site amenities, and fitness equipment. Our playground equipment is  Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP) - using reclaimed #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). In simple terms, Play Mart makes playground equipment from garbage milk jugs.

The Play-Fit™ line is designed to entice children of all ages to build muscles, develop balance and agility but have a blast while doing so.

The Nature of Early Play™ line is designed to provide durable outdoor spaces for the early childhood years and make it easy for care providers to design wonderful outdoor spaces for their little ones.

Mega Play Systems™ - playground equipment sized and designed for preschool and elementary ages at large public schools, parks, community centers and recreation areas - largest children, largest budgets and largest play areas.

Mini Play Systems™ - playground equipment sized and designed for preschool and elementary ages at small public schools, day care centers, head starts, school churches and more - smaller children, smaller budgets and smaller play areas.

Play Mart is a woman-owned/family-owned small business manufacturing recycled playground equipment.  Offering  green products nationally and internationally, all playground equipment products  are 100% made in the USA.

Just in time for spring, take advantage of our Early Bird Deals through March 15. Contact Fibrex Group for information and pricing.

City of La Mesa Utilizes Fibrex RecyclePro Containers for Multi-Family Program

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 24, 2012

The City of La Mesa has been awarded a grant in the amount of $113,850 from CalRecycle (California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery) to improve recycling opportunities at multifamily properties. Through the grant funding, the City is providing the RecyclePro indoor/outdoor recycling containers to complexes to be used in common areas to help increase their recycling and decrease trash use. In-home recycling tote bags and can crushers are also being provided. Approximately half of the housing in La Mesa is multifamily.

While researching different recycling container options, the City determined that the RecyclePro was the best fit for durability, functionality, appearance and cost. The City is supplying 230 cans to dozens of properties for use in areas such as lobbies, pools, laundry rooms, community rooms, and mail box spaces. The cans will be used for recycling of cans and bottles, as well as paper and other common recyclables.

Distribution of the cans will begin next week and conclude by mid-March 2012. At the end of the grant in September, a final report will be submitted to CalRecycle including data on recycling rates at properties receiving the RecyclePro recycling containers versus other types of containers.  Some properties are only getting in-home bags and/or can crushers and there is also a control group that’s not participating at all.

Recycling Containers have covers and bodies that are silk screened with clear messages and logos that look professional and last indefinitely. Fibrex allows you to choose the message/logo you want for each opening of our recycling receptacles. Custom messages and corporate/government logos are easily prepared to customize your Recycle Pro Recycling Receptacles for a minimal set-up fee. Available in three different sizes, these smartly designed recycling receptacles are already a favorite of commercial designers and purchasing agents across the country. Make RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles your preferred collection choice!

Durable and Inexpensive Recycle Bins with Custom Graphics

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 03, 2012

Are you looking for a solution to your recycling needs that is efficient and economical? The perfect solution is the recycle box. There is an added bonus to this recycling bin. Your business, festival or apartment complex can add custom graphics.

A convenient recycle bin, the recycle box, with custom designed graphics is the perfect solution to indoor or outdoor recycling needs. It’s available in a generous 32 & 44 gallon capacity and can be easily customized to fit your specific business or industry needs.

Having a festival to benefit a charity? The recycle box is a low cost, and rugged solution to your recycling needs.

Want to add recycle bins to your grocery store chain? The recycle bin is clean, attractive and with your store logo, is a low cost collection solution.

Schools and churches are also the perfect host to this recycle bin. Add the team mascot, or uplifting slogan and you have an effective, attractive and durable solution to your recycling needs.

Where else would the recycle box fit in? With great custom designs, these are perfect for use offices, warehouses, malls, golf courses, stadiums, hospitals, airports, zoos and more. Contact The Fibrex Group for more information on our featured product, the recycle box.