Fibrex Recycling Containers Drive Client Loyalty to Your Business

- Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shopko recycling container in storeGiven the explosive rise in the volume of "earth friendly" consumers, business owners across the globe now realize that the prominent display of recycling containers is both a profitable and personally rewarding experience.  Business owners who display recycling stations deliver relief to the public's ever-increasing desire to be environmentally responsible.  So the bottom line is this: Business owners who display readily available recycling services generate conscious and subconscious-driven loyalty within the customers they serve.   

If you own/operate any heavy foot traffic retail, manage apartments, or manage hotels, Fibrex's Apartment/Hotel Multi-Recycling 6-gallon Bin will help solidify client loyalty. This bin is freestanding and fits conveniently under sinks or into tight spaces. It has a slanted opening for easy access, with a liquid retention reservoir to prevent residual liquids from making a mess. It is also stackable when the handle is pulled forward to create a multi-purpose recycling station. It is perfect for hotels, dormitories, and offices as well!

The Fibrex Group offers competitive factory-direct pricing on the largest selection of recycling & waste receptacles. Each product is versatile and designed to meet a wide variety of recycling and litter collection needs. Contact us today to learn more about how you can simultaneously help the environment, increase client loyalty, and ultimately your business’ profitability.