Go Green with Fibrex

Since 1990 Fibrex Group has been known for its innovative product line of green design recycling containers, waste receptacles and site furnishings. Our aesthetically pleasing products combine outstanding durability and environmentally friendly practices with affordable high-end design and performance. Fibrex products are made with sustainable resources containing the maximum amount of post consumer recycled content and require minimum maintenance. Providing attractive and user friendly recycling receptacles in high visibility public spaces promotes good environmental stewardship while reducing waste and increasing recycling participating rates. Our green design recycled plastic lumber site furnishings are made from 95% post consumer recycled HDPE (milk jugs & soda bottles). Recycled plastic lumber is the perfect alternative to traditional wood and steel products. It will never need waterproofing, painting or staining and will not rot, rust, crack, decay or splinter. Conserve landfill space, reduce your carbon footprint and go green with Fibrex.

Our use of recycled materials complies with one of the most widespread environmental strategies employed by manufacturers. At Fibrex we stand behind this claim. We control all of our materials since they are purchased within the USA instead of from foreign countries where the content is unreliable and can be misrepresented. By operating as a “green” manufacturing corporation, we enhance our sustainability by the fact that Fibrex products will perform for many, many years.

Fibrex utilizes 100% recycled plastic in our recycling receptacles and site furnishing, diverting millions of milk jugs and bottles from landfills year, with a large percentage of plastic being postconsumer. We design our components to minimize waste and maximize efficiency, while making quality and longevity the product standard practice.

Ultimately, conservation is inherent in every Fibrex product. Through innovative manufacturing methods and design, Fibrex manufactures top quality and the most durable product lines in the industry. Because of the quality of materials used, and the care given designing and fabricating our creations, Fibrex products are designed and engineered to out-perform other competitors.

Almost all of our manufacturing waste and more than 75% of our operation’s waste is recycled. Our internal office recycling program ensures that our corporate commitment to environmental stewardship carries through from shop to office seamlessly.

Knowing our products are an investment, we choose world class, quality sustainable materials that will last. Our recycled plastic lumber used in our site furnishings and recycling receptacles is blended with non-toxic UV Stabilizers and Colorants for uniform, lasting color. The longevity of these proprietary materials help ensure that customers will not have to purchase replacement products and parts repeatedly.

~Fibrex Group, Inc.