Steora Smart Bench arrives in the United States

- Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Fibrex Group is pleased to introduce the first Steora Smart Bench available in the United States, and a business partnership with Include.  Steora was invented by Wiz-Kid Innovator Ivan Mrvos of Include j.d.o.o in the Republic of Croatia.  Include has developed the most technologically advanced and attractive solar smart bench on the market today.

Steora Smart Bench’s unique design provides self-sustaining green solar energy to power a large suite of applications such as cell phone charging, WiFi Hot-Spot Internet Connection, area LED lighting, sensor data gathering capabilities and temperature control.  Yes, it even has a built-in cooling fan system to keep the seating area below 80F on hot days!

Steora Smart Bench is a sustainable gathering space to socialize and stay connected. Steora also brings a note of ultra-modern design that can enhance or blend in with existing urban landscapes but will always draw attention. Being on the front edge of innovation, the Steora Smart Bench will make a visible and functional green statement for years to come.

Transform your properties to be smarter and greener with the Steora Smart Bench. Public spaces want to support and attract the mobile generation by providing more charging device options than ever before. Welcome Steora to become an essential part of your modern, daily life.

Steora is by far the most advanced solar smart bench on the market and is optimized for continuous public use. It was developed to satisfy the future needs of sustainable and smart connected urban spaces.   By creatively harnessing green solar energy, the Steora Smart Bench provides USB and wireless cell phone charging, mobile WIFI hot-spot Internet, area lighting, seat cooling, local advertising information, sensor and data gathering features.

The Fibrex Group, Inc. is known for its original product line of innovative green design site furnishings, solar bollards and playground equipment.  We are very excited about our latest entry in the smart urban furniture market and look forward to working with the early IoT and Smart City adaptors.  Steora benches are in stock and ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Virginia.