Reduce and recycle in 2017: a New Year's resolution you can keep

- Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Fibrex GroupEach year, many of us resolve to lose weight, floss more, and better ourselves in some way. This year, why not resolve to be kinder and gentler to our planet? You may find it’s much easier (and more sustainable) than other resolutions you might make.

Besides checking out the Fibrex Group recycling and collection solutions for your office, home, dorm or public space; and follow through on the following suggestions for 2017.

Five ways to get organized and reduce waste

Regain control of your surroundings and stuff during Get Organized Month this January by following these five easy and practical steps to reduce waste.

  1. Stop unwanted printed advertising mail.
  2. Buy in bulk to avoid excess packaging. For example, buy juice, snacks and other lunch items in bulk and use reusable containers to bring them to school or work.
  3. Buy smaller quantities of perishable foods. It saves rotten tomatoes from the landfill and saves you money!
  4. Shop with reusable bags beyond the grocery store. Remember to bring bags with you when you go to department and hardware stores, clothing retailers and everywhere else you shop!
  5. Reduce waste by purchasing durable goods and reusing, repairing, sharing, and donating items instead of throwing them away.

Top items to recycle consistently

How many of us have made a New Year's resolution only to realize we bit off more than we can chew? Keep your resolution simple to be successful by focusing on being better at recycling one or two more items. Once you’ve mastered those, challenge yourself to keep recycling more! Remember to recycle these items that most haulers take:

  • Aluminum and metal food and beverage cans;
  • Glass food and beverage bottles and jars;
  • Paper (including magazines, newspapers, cardboard and cereal boxes);
  • Plastic bottles and jugs (including milk and juice jugs, water and ketchup bottles);
  • Cartons (including milk cartons and juice boxes).

When you start with these standard items, it's easy to keep a New Year's recycling resolution. Remember to collect recyclables throughout your house; not just in the kitchen! Collect recyclables from the bathroom, laundry room and office as well. Keep yourself accountable by letting all your friends and family know your new goal. You might even be able to save money by downsizing your trash bin!

Why recycle?

A large part of what still goes in the trash is recyclable. When you reduce, reuse, or recycle you help:

  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators;
  • Conserve natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change;
  • Help sustain the environment for future generations;
  • Help create the more than 4,500 products that use recycled materials.

Make that resolution to join your neighbors and recycle!

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