Play Mart Holds Top Distributor National Summit in Kentucky

- Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Last week, the President of Fibrex Group, Ruben Leenders, had the pleasure of attending the Play Mart Playground sales forum at their corporate headquarters in Somerset, Kentucky. The Fibrex Group is the Play Mart distributor in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, and New Jersey. Bringing all of Play Mart’s distributors together in one place to discuss sales strategies, marketing ideas, sharing success stories, discussing playground installations and simply putting faces to names were some of the topics during the two day meeting. The attendees were even given the tour of the factory where the recycled content play equipment is produced and shipped.

Play Mart Inc. designs their playground equipment to develop healthy, motivated, adventurous kids. Their nature play early childhood equipment products - Nature of Early Play - reconnect young children with the natural world. Play Mart engineers materials and product designs based on their impact on the world in which children grow. They aren't just "going green". They have been recycling, reusing, and reducing for over 30 years. PMI’s corporate offices do much more than just recycle office supplies – their main product is fully recycled! Constantly striving to streamline processes and redesign products to cut out waste and increase durability. This impacts you, us and our children far into the future. Rather than bottom-line driven, Play Mart is kid-driven. The Fibrex Group has been a Play Mart distributor for over 12 years.

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