Looking Forward to 2014

- Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2013 was another great year for Fibrex Group and an exciting one for the recycling world. With this being the first week of the 2014, we just wanted to reflect on some things we’re proud of and relay what we’re looking forward to in the New Year. First and always, we are extremely thankful to the wonderful support of our customers that have helped us to continue our growth and show others how easy it is to ‘Work. Play. Recycle.’ Fibrex has been very proud and appreciative to provide them with our innovative recycling receptacles, recycled plastic site furnishings and sustainable playgrounds.

As we move into 2014, there are a few industry trends that we will be keeping an eye on. Many municipalities will continue to mandate recycling within their city limits for businesses & schools. We believe this is something that should have been required long ago, and are very happy to see that most folks have finally jumped on the ‘band wagon’. There is also a revitalized movement to protect & enhance green spaces. We are hoping that our recycled plastic site furnishings & Play Mart playgrounds will have continued success for folks that are planning for those areas.

Our product line will continue to grow in 2014. We have plans in place to partner with some new vendors that we believe our current & potential customer base will find very interesting for their properties. Stay tuned and check our website frequently for updates as they occur.

We will continue our local and social media marketing which are gaining us new fans in the marketplace. Our weekly blog and updates on our Face Book page have been a useful tool in getting the word out to others who may not have heard of us previously.

All in all, 2013 was a good year. But 2014 will be fantastic for Fibrex! Check out our complete line of recycling containers, site furnishings & Play Mart playground equipment at www.fibrexgroup.com. We offer discounted pricing to our customers and Fibrex  products are always competitively priced.