Fibrex Group assists Nestle USA in Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill

- Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nestlé USA announced on May 22, 2015 that all of its 23 factories – spanning confections, dairy, frozen and refrigerated meals, ice cream, baking ingredients, and beverages – are now landfill-free, contributing zero waste for disposal. This important milestone supports Nestlé USA's commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices to protect future generations.

"We are incredibly proud of the effort it took to accomplish this goal," said Paul Grimwood, Chairman and CEO Nestlé USA. "This is an especially noteworthy achievement given the breadth and complexity of our manufacturing operations across a variety of categories. We are committed to working with our employees to ensure our factories remain landfill-free and are striving for new ways to reduce our environmental impact at each stage of the product lifecycle."

As part of this effort, Nestlé USA is continually looking for new ways to reuse, recycle and recover energy when disposing of manufacturing by-products. The company's current efforts include composting, recycling, energy production, and the provision of safe products for animal feed.

Employees also take actions to minimize by-products, and engage in robust recycling programs and partnerships with credible waste vendors that dispose of manufacturing by-products in line with Nestlé's environmental sustainability guidelines and standards. All of Nestlé USA's factories employ ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems to help manage their environmental impact, including waste elimination.

"Environmental sustainability is part of Nestlé's commitment to Creating Shared Value in society," added Grimwood.  "Our goal is for our products to not only be tastier and healthier, but also better for the environment."

Globally, Nestlé has committed to improving resource efficiency in its operations. Fifteen percent of all of Nestlé's factories worldwide (72 in total) achieved zero waste for disposal for all of 2014. This achievement exceeds Nestlé's goal of having 10 percent of its global factories at this stage by 2015.  More information is available at

As part of this effort, Nestle has worked closely with the Fibrex Group, Inc. in Suffolk, Virginia to develop a custom triple stream indoor recycling cabinet to continue their zero waste to landfill efforts. The new rust resistant, 18 gauge galvannealed steel unit has the ability to collect a triple stream of 21, 40 & 21 gallons respectively (82 gallons total). With no exposed fasteners and an architectural powder coated finish inside and out, this new cabinet is functional as well as attractive for any indoor setting. Lid openings & color selections can even be changed-out depending on the needs of any facility at any time. The smart design recycling cabinet can also be shipped unassembled to reduce freight costs and is easily assembled with standard tools.

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