3 Tips for Cleaning Out Your College Dorm (The Green Way)

- Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another school year has come to an end, and now you need to move out of the dorm and back in with the parents. What are you going to do with that chair you inherited from your friend? Do you really need two microwaves or two sets of dishes at home? What about the homemade pirate costume you wore during the first week of classes but you’ll never wear again? College students accumulate a lot of stuff over the year, and residences often find themselves overwhelmed with waste on move-out day. This is not only inconvenient, but unsustainable as well. Resist the urge to abandon it in your room or throw it all in the dumpster! Here are three ways to get rid of your extra ‘stuff’ once classes are over:

1. Host a sale

Make a few extra bucks by selling your stuff! Host a yard/garage sale if you can get access to community space. Make an event out of it: recruit a few friends to sell their stuff too, and set up music and refreshments. Consider donating the proceeds to charity if you want to feel especially good when you move out.

2. Organize a central drop-off point and collaborate on bulk removal and recycling

Work with dorm staff to coordinate a central drop-off point for everyone’s ‘to go’ stuff—it’ll help keep the dumpsters clean and will discourage dumping in other areas, like rooms and hallways. Find a communal room where residents can drop off their unwanted items. Try to section off areas and label ‘electronics’, ‘furniture’, ‘kitchenware’ to encourage organization and recycling!!

3. Donate to a charity or thrift store

Find out which charities/thrift stores accept donations, and check out their ‘wish lists’ to see what they’re looking for. Make sure the items are in good enough condition to donate (ask the charity just to be sure).

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Parts originally posted in Home Space