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Igloo Recycling Containers

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Igloo Recycling Containers


Igloo Recycling Containers are designed for use at drop-off sites, universities, NFL and college football stadiums, convenience centers, military installations, etc. The Igloo Recycling Container continues to be easily recognized by the public and always generates unequalled participation rates. Timeless in form and function, this classic will continue to be successful for many more years to come.

The classic Igloo Recycling Containers are true landmarks of the recycling age. More than half a million Igloos are hard at work collecting recyclables worldwide. In the United States, the Igloo Recycling Container is manufactured exclusively by The Fibrex Group. We build crane operated Igloo Recycling Containers, as well as models which are emptied manually through a full size, side-mounted door.



Model Igloo 4.0 Beverage
Code 3591
Capacity 4.0 cu. yds.
Weight 320 lbs.
Dimension 67” dia x 78”

Model Igloo 4.0 Paper
Code 3595
Capacity 4.0 cu. yds.
Weight 365 lbs.
Dimension 67” dia x 78”

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Igloo Recycling Containers

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