ReVolve Dual Stream Recycling Containers

- Friday, November 07, 2014
Transform your 95-gallon wheeled carts into an attractive and durable dual stream recycling or waste container. More and more people want to use automated collection methods to serve recycling points in public spaces.  The Revolve is an innovative housing for universal wheeled collection carts that fits a wide variety of cart designs. We have consulted with all the major solid waste cart manufacturers to make sure their carts fit our standard housing sizes.  Revolve cart housing is also available for 35 and 65 gallon carts.  We offer modular models for single, dual, or triple stream collection.    

Revolve is made out of rust resistant galvannealed steel and has no exposed fasteners.  All units come with an architectural grade powder coated finish both inside and out. The powder coated finish is available is several standard colors and many more custom shades.  Multi-color units are available as well.  

On the front are two large spring hinged drop-in openings fitted with an interior chute to guide the recyclables into the carts.  Two universally keyed front doors lock for security and open all the way for easy emptying.  Custom easy to read, pre-applied vinyl or magnetic decals on the front of the unit indicate the desired waste/recycling stream to your users.  

The Revolve smart design can be shipped unassembled to reduce freight.  It’s easily assembled with standard tools.  Fully assembled shipping and installation is available as well.   The Revolve Depot contains 30% minimum recycled content and is made entirely in the USA. Each unit measures 67”L x 38”W x 61”H and weighs 300 pounds without interior carts. Custom designer colors and signage are available upon request.  

These commercial recycling units are perfect for:
  1. Multi-Family Housing
  2. Student Housing
  3. Military Housing  
  4. Parks & Recreation Areas
  5. Downtown & Office Parks
  6. Stadiums
  7. Amusement Parks
  8. Colleges & Universities
  9. Grocery Stores
  10. Beaches
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