Oil Collection Containers for Public Collection Sites– Charleston, Columbia, SC

- Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recycling used motor oil is easy and convenient in South Carolina. In fact, South Carolina has one of the best and most comprehensive programs for the Do-It-Yourself Oil Changer in the country. There are more than 900 collection sites that accept used motor oil from the public. And, the majority of these oil collection sites are run by local governments. Used Oil Containers are used at these sites to make it easy for DIY’ers to collect and dispose of used oil. Many of collection containers are the Profile oil collection line from Fibrex Group.

DHEC continues to issue grants for the installation or replacement of used oil collection containers. Our recently redesigned Profile Used Oil Containers are now available in two different capacities and a wide variety of colors.  Collecting used oil from the Do-It-Yourself oil changer is easy with the Profile Oil Containers. Conveniently located used oil drop-off sites equipped with attractive and user-friendly tanks are an essential element for any successful used oil program.

The Profile 400-gallon Oil Collection Container is an attractive unit is very user friendly which improves program participation and aids in keeping the collection site clean is designed to collect used oil. This container is perfect for oil collection from the general public.

In addition to used oil, many communities are now also looking to collect used oil filters. The Igloo drum cover is an attractive and safe receptacle perfect for collecting used filters.

For more information on used oil collection containers, contact The Fibrex Group.