Fun New Interactive Online Recycling Game Introduced

- Wednesday, June 04, 2014

As a part of Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council’s “I Want To Be Recycled” campaign, St. John & Partners has created a new interactive online game called Super Sorter that shows people different ways items can be sorted and recycled.

The Super Sorter game takes place in a material recovery facility (MRF) where mixed recyclables are separated by different types of sorters. The goal of the game is to sort all of the materials in the queue as they progress down the conveyor belt and send the recyclables on their way to becoming something new and valuable.  If you miss too many recyclables, and they end up in the landfill, you lose the level. Complete all seven levels and you are a Super Sorter!

See how recycled materials can be transformed into new, exciting and useful things. The game is free and can be played at

Created by Keep America Beautiful and Ad Council, the "I Want To Be Recycled' campaign builds on a great legacy of environmentally-focused public service announcements (PSAs), targeting sporadic recyclers and aiming to generate awareness and understanding of how, where and what to recycle. The Super Sorter game was created to engage a new generation of environmental stewards, building on data showing that 97% of teens ( and more than 4 in 5 young adults) play computer, web, portable or console games.

If you are interested in getting information on the original Super Sorter recycling-waste bin product offered by The Fibrex Group, please click here . These units come in a single capacity up to 4 streams of collection. The Super Sorter is built to be durable, long-lasting and easy to empty. With its security features, attractive design and flexibility in indoor/outdoor applications, they are an excellent solution for centralized recycling and waste collection. Custom signage designed for the frame system is available directly from The Fibrex Group. All Super Sorter Series products come with Super Sorter Openings to ensure high quality separation of recyclables.

 **Excerpts from Douglas Gould & Company