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Sensible Sort Recycling Station with Lid

  • Product Code: B10266
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Sensible Sort Recycling Station with Lid


The "Sensible Sort" Recycling Station with lid comes complete with color coded openings and custom labels to promote proper separation of waste and recycling. Contains minimum 35% recycled content.

  • Various options of lids, flaps, openings, custom stamping & labels will ensure proper separation
  • Convenient size and shape make this the ideal container for tight spaces
  • Connector kit also available
  • Available in 16, 20 & 23 gallon sizes
  • Minimum 35% recycled content
  • Custom Stamping available:
    • Minimum order 200 pieces 
    • Stamping size: 5"W x 5.75"H 


Model Sensible Sort Recycling Station w/ Lid
Code B10266
Capacity 22 gallons
Dimension 15.5"L x 14"W x 35.5"H


Gray & Blue

Lid Openings



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Sensible Sort Recycling Station with Lid

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