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RecyclePro Open Top with Powder Coat Finish

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RecyclePro Open Top with Powder Coat Finish


Supplied with heavy gauge, seamless, hand-spun aluminum covers, the RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles are durable as well as handsome.

RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles have covers and bodies that are silk screened with clear messages and logos that look professional and last indefinitely. We allow you to choose the message/logo you want for each opening of our recycling receptacles. Custom messages and corporate/government logos are easily prepared to customize your RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles for a minimal set-up fee. Value series units do not come with interior liners.

Available in nine different sizes, these smartly designed recycling receptacles are already a favorite of commercial designers and purchasing agents across the country. Make RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles your preferred collection choice!



Recycle-Pro Stock Messages

The following is a list of standard silk screens that are in stock and available to you. These messages can be applied to almost all receptacles whether designated as a Recycle Pro Recycling Receptacle or not.

Note: On Recycle-Pro1 Single Purpose and Value Receptacles, Your Message will be Imprinted on the Front of the Receptacle along with the International "Recycle" Logo. On Recycle-Pro2 Dual Purpose and Recycle-Pro3 Triple Purpose Receptacles, the International "Recycle" Logo is Imprinted on the Front of the Receptacle and Your Message is Imprinted on the Cover Next to its Corresponding Opening.

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Custom Messages

We have a complete in-house silk screening department. Please ask us about custom messaging and logos that can be prepared in a few days time. We will design new art or utilize the art you supply to us. We will screen the image onto any receptacle, sign panel or other product to provide the most attractive, durable, and professional message.


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Optional Canopy Tops For RecyclePro Value Individual and Modular System, for Outdoor Use

Description Canopy top will be Installed to match the finish of the cover
Diameter 20


Catalog # RO-66    
Cap. (Gal.) 5
Ht. (In.) 15
Dia. (In.) 10
Actual wgt (lb.) 6

Catalog # RO-1116
Cap. (Gal.) 7
Ht. (In.) 16
Dia. (In.) 11
Actual wgt (lb.) 7

Catalog # RO-1121
Cap. (Gal.) 9
Ht. (In.) 21
Dia. (In.) 11
Actual wgt (lb.) 8

Catalog # RO-1127
Cap. (Gal.) 11
Ht. (In.) 28
Dia. (In.) 11
Actual wgt (lb.) 11

Catalog # RO-1318
Cap. (Gal.) 12
Ht. (In.) 18
Dia. (In.) 14
Actual wgt (lb.) 8

Catalog # RO-1321
Cap. (Gal.) 18
Ht. (In.) 27
Dia. (In.) 14
Actual wgt (lb.) 9

Catalog # RO-1326
Cap. (Gal.) 18
Ht. (In.) 27
Dia. (In.) 14
Actual wgt (lb.) 13

Catalog # RO-1816
Cap. (Gal.) 21
Ht. (In.) 17
Dia. (In.) 19
Actual wgt (lb.) 12

Catalog # RO-1829
Cap. (Gal.) 36
Ht. (In.) 29
Dia. (In.) 19
Actual wgt (lb.) 19

Liner Bags

Clear Poly Liner Bags(2 mil thick) for RecyclePro Value Recycling Receptacles

Size of the bag Contents Actual Weights
18.5" x 36" Case of 100 bags 10
23" x 36" Case of 100 bags 12
31" x 36" Case of 100 bags 15


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RecyclePro Open Top with Powder Coat Finish

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