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Mobius DS 3 compartment

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Mobius DS 3 compartment


The new Mobius recycling stations combine recycling and high-end design at an affordable price. This is our most attractive unit and is perfect for use in high profile areas such as airports, office buildings, schools and universities. This innovative Mobius recycling station comes standard with three compartments featuring molded drop-in openings for collecting bottles & cans, paper products and trash. Each compartment holds up to 25 gallons and is fitted with a rigid plastic liner. These new indoor recycling stations are available in an unlimited combination of colors and finishes, and are perfect for even the most discriminate of locations.



Model Mobius DS 3 compartment
Code DS3750
Capacity 3x 25 gal.
Weight 90 lbs.
Dimensions 52” x 18” x 34”

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Note: These configurations are representative only. Custom specifications can be designed for your needs.


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Mobius DS 3 compartment

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Mobius DS 3 compartmentMobius DS 3 compartmentMobius DS 3 compartment
Mobius DS 3 compartment

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