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Lockable Personal Document Container

  • Product Code: B10261
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Lockable Personal Document Container


This container is ideal for office use as it fits perfectly up against any desk. It is also great for use in more centralized areas like beside a photocopier or fax machine for disposal of confidential documents. The sturdy lid makes tampering nearly impossible yet it is easy to unlock and empty when full. Available in grey only. Contains minimum 35% recycled content.

  • Designed for desk side document collection
  • Eliminates laze tosses of confidential documents
  • Sturdy lid makes tampering nearly impossible
  • All locks use the same key allowing for easy collection
  • Minimum 35% recycled content
  • Custom Stamping available:
    • Minimum order 200 pieces 
    • Stamping size: 2.125"W x 1"H 


Model Lockable Personal Document Container
Code B10261
Capacity 9 gallons
Dimension 16.75"L x 12"W x 13.25"H





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Lockable Personal Document Container

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