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Steora Smart Bench

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Steora Smart Bench


Steora Smart Bench’s unique design provides self-sustaining green solar energy to power all large suite ofapplications such as cell phone charging, WiFi Hot Spot Internet Connection, area LED lighting, sensor datagathering capabilities and temperature control. Yes, it even has a built-in cooling fan system to keep the seatingarea below 80⁰F on hot days!

Because mobile technology is such an essential aspect of modern life, properties want to support and attract themobile generation by providing more charging device options than ever before. Make your public spaces smarterand greener with the Steora Smart Bench.

Steora Smart Bench is a sustainable gathering space to socialize and stay connected. Steora also brings a noteof ultra-modern design that can enhance or blend in with existing urban landscapes but will always draw attention.Being on the front edge of innovation, the Steora Smart Bench will make a visible and functional green statementfor years to come.

Steora is by far the most advanced solar smart bench on the market and is optimized for continuous public use. Itwas developed to satisfy the future needs of sustainable and smart connected urban spaces. By creativelyharnessing green solar energy, the Steora Smart Bench provides USB and wireless cell phone charging, mobileWIFI Internet, area lighting, seat cooling, local advertising information, sensor and data gathering.


Model Steora Smart Bench
Height 20"
Width 18"
Length 70"
Weight 165 pounds

Solar Power
The solar panels generate around 110W of electricity per hour and are situated under the seat. They cover the wholeupper surface of the bench to enable maximum solar power absorption.

Mobile Device Charging
Steora is equipped with a wireless device charger and also contains two smart USB connectors with an output power of10 W, providing fast charging for mobile devices while ensuring battery protection.

Hot Spot Mobile Internet
Internet access is available within a 13 foot radius of the bench, delivered by a superfast 4G mobile router supportedby most major cellular carriers.

Resistant to Vandalism
Steora is anchored and locked to prevent any unauthorized opening. If Steora is ever shut down or damaged, an alert issent through to our internal tracking system and we are able to notify you immediately.

High Quality Construction
Steora is made from high quality materials to ensure unsurpassed performance and protection against the environment.

Functioning Autonomy
Steora powers itself entirely from its integrated solar panels and never shuts down its core functions. Carefully optimizingits energy consumption, Steora is able to provide autonomy for up to two days without charging in the winter and up to fivedays in the summer.

Temperature Controlled Seating
Steora comes with an interior cooling system to ensure that the seat temperature remains pleasant in all weatherconditions.

LED Lighting
Steora is fitted with stylish adaptive area lighting that responds to time, seasons and weather conditions.

Steora‘s autonomy and independent solar power allow it to be easily mounted anywhere, without the need for specialinfrastructure or hard wiring.

Automatic Updates
Steora is constantly connected to the Internet and is able to update it’s own software remotely, with no manual workrequired.

Data Gathering
Steora has in-built sensors which gather different sorts of information, including atmospheric conditions,numbers of users and component functionality.

Steora’s modern appearance & tasteful aesthetic design will suit any environment.

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Steora Smart Bench

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Steora Smart BenchSteora Smart BenchSteora Smart Bench
Steora Smart BenchSteora Smart BenchSteora Smart Bench
Steora Smart BenchSteora Smart BenchSteora Smart Bench
Steora Smart Bench

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