Profile Used Oil Containers - Commercial Waste Oil Tanks

Collecting used oil from the Do-It-Yourself oil changer is easy with the Profile Oil Containers. Conveniently located used oil drop-off sites equipped with attractive and user-friendly tanks are an essential element for any successful used oil program.The Profile 400-gallon Oil Container is specially designed to accept used oil from the public.This attractive unit is very user friendly which improves program participation and aids in keeping the collection site clean.

The Profile Oil Container combines the unique feature of a steel inner tank surrounded by a rust resistant fiberglass secondary containment. Other features include a large disposal funnel, rain resistant lockable lid, level gauge, instruction decals and a 2” service coupling for pumping out the used oil.

In addition to used oil, many communities are now also looking to collect used oil filters. The Igloo drumcover, combined with a spill pan and standard open top 55 gallon steel drum, becomes an attractive and safe receptacle perfect for collecting used filters.