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VINE HOUSE 48in W x 48in L x 48in H

  • Product Code: PE-XNPP-VIN-04a
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VINE HOUSE 48in W x 48in L x 48in H


The perfect hideout for young children to read, make believe, enjoy quiet time beneath vines or watch birds come and go. Arched RSP (Recycled Structural Plastic) Structure is best when combined with our Planters. Connect our Bird House to the top of the arch or set a ModBox inside for a reading bench. The possibilities are endless! Bird House, Planters and ModBoxes sold separately. Three sizes available: 1). 36"L x 42"W x 48"H, 2). 48"L x 48"W x 48"H, 3). 60"L x 60"w x 48"H (See 22 / Click Clack 22 Tunnel, but with beveled bottom supports intead of curved, as on Vine House)

Product Specifications

Series Play Houses
Ages 2 - 5
Accommodates 1 - 2
VINE HOUSE 48in W x 48in L x 48in H

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