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Sensory Cube - 18 In

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Sensory Cube - 18 In


Sensory Cube 5 Sided Sensory Cube offers tactile and visual stimulation with a variety of shapes and textures. 1 each: Mirror, Faux Grass, "Rocks" (real-feel rock, and plastic rock mix), engraved Geometric Shapes and 1 Tray (top). The top tray can be used to hold various additional objects for sensory stimulation - shells, leaves, balls, etc. The bottom is open, allowing the cube to be flipped over and used for 19 with handy carry-handle openings on the top and bottom. Sensory Cube sized for a standing 1 - 2 year old's chest height. Pre-toddlers can pull themselves up by the rim as it is extremely stable with no sharp edges. 18"H or 22"H x 16"W x 16"L. [Mirror side should not be placed in direct sunlight to prevent heat/light damage to reflected surfaces.]

Product Specifications

Series Sensory
Ages 2 - 5
Accommodates 4-8
Sensory Cube - 18 In

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