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PIPER (Standard - Brown)

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PIPER (Standard - Brown)


The Piper musical instrument for children - A smaller more durable version of the Imbarimba. The fiberglass bars provide a contrast in tone, to the other two instruments in the trio. It is a great instrument to play improvised rhythms with. The resonator bodies are finished with a tough automotive type finish. The half-size instruments (Griffin, Merry and Piper) are some of the toughest we have ever built. They occupy less space and they cost less too. Instrument stands are available in 2 sizes, Standard and Preschool. Unpainted aluminum resonators with brown infused plastic spacers / blocks that separate the keys.

Product Specifications

Series Music
Ages 2 - 5
5 - 12
Accommodates 5-10
PIPER (Standard - Brown)

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