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Modbox 24in x 8in x 8in

  • Product Code: PE-XNAR-MOD-XXa
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Modbox 24in x 8in x 8in


These versatile boxes work as 13, stacked as shelves for supplies, craft counter, stepping stools, or planters (open-side up) and much more. Multiple units can be attached to each other and re-configured to any shape desired with included wing-nuts & bolts using pre-drilled holes. Made from recycled, heavy-duty durable plastic and Stainless Steel Hardware - materials perfect for outdoor applications (although great indoors too!). Dimensions: 24 IN L x 8 IN W x 8 IN H

Product Specifications

Series Sensory
Ages 2 - 5
5 - 12
Accommodates 4-8
Modbox 24in x 8in x 8in

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