Super Sorter Recycling Waste Bins

The Super Sorter All-In-One is available in one, two and three compartments. It is built to be durable, long-lasting and easy to empty. With its security features, attractive design and flexibility in indoor/outdoor applications, they are an excellent solution for centralized recycling and waste collection. The Super Sorter All-In-One is now available with advertising frames. The aluminum frame is attractive and durable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Plexiglas (Lexan) inserts are optional and recommended for outdoor use. Custom signage designed for the frame system is available directly from The Fibrex Group. All Super Sorter Series products come with Super Sorter Openings to ensure high quality separation of recyclables.

  • Super Sorter One-In-One Recycling-Waste Bin

    • Product Code: B10310
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    Super Sorter One-In-One Recycling-Waste Bin


    The Super Sorter One-In-One’s small convenient size makes it perfect for an indoor or outdoor area where space is limited. This container uses space efficiently and can be incorporated into any location. The One-In-One is attractive, durable, low maintenance and is suited for any centralized recycling or waste collection. The sloped lid eliminates “on top” waste. Available in various colors and with multiple opening options.



    • Designed for public areas
    • Will not rust or dent
    • Side hinged lid makes for easy opening against walls
    • Sloped lid eliminates “on top” waste

    Model Super Sorter One-In-One Recycling/Waste Bin
    Code B10310
    Capacity 30 gallons
    Weight 44 lbs.
    Dimensions 30.5"L x 15.875"W x 44.5"H

    Lid Openings

    Lid Opening



    Lid Opening



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    Super Sorter One-In-One Recycling-Waste Bin

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