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  • Park Place Flare Top Receptacle

    • Product Code: RF-33
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    Park Place Flare Top Receptacle


    The Park Place round flare top receptacle has a 33 gallon liner and is made of recycled plastic. The flare top design adds a unique spin to the traditional round receptacle. This product will encourage those in your outdoor area to be responsible and put their trash in the bin. Purchase this product today for a cleaner and greener outdoor space!

    • Engraving option on the top of lid (shown in one of the pictures) is available. Please call 1-800-346-4458 to order)
    • Milk jugs recycled = 576!
    • Available only in Cedar at this time
    • Maintenance Free
    • 100% quality recycled plastic


    Model Park Place Flare Top Receptacle
    Code RF-33
    Dimensions 30" diameter x 34"H
    9" diameter opening in lid
    Weight 72 lbs.
    Color Frame: Black only
    Slats: Cedar only
    Park Place Flare Top Receptacle

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    Park Place Flare Top Receptacle

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