Igloo 55 Gallon Drum Cover

  • Igloo 55 Gallon Drum Cover

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    Igloo 55 Gallon Drum Cover


    A perfect answer for recyclables and litter collection! Unique attractive design allows full coverage of any 55 gallon drum, leaving no unsightly open drums where weathering or liability are a concern. Exceptionally strong yet lightweight, they will not dent or crack. The surface is resistant to graffiti and easily cleaned if necessary. No painting or maintenance is required. Instruction decals will assist users how to sort and dispose of material properly. Available in a variety of colors.

    The classic Igloo Recycling Containers are true landmarks of the recycling age. More than half a million Igloos are hard at work collecting recyclables worldwide. In the United States, the Igloo Recycling Container is manufactured exclusively by The Fibrex Group. We build crane operated Igloo Recycling Containers, as well as models which are emptied manually through a full size, side-mounted door.



    Model Igloo 55 Gallon Drum Cover
    Code 3555
    Capacity 55 gal.
    Weight 30 lbs.
    Dimensions 28” dia x 47”

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    Igloo 55 Gallon Drum Cover

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