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  • Large Deskside Recycling-Waste Bin

    • Product Code: B10180
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    Large Deskside Recycling-Waste Bin


    The Desk-Side Recycling Wastebaskets are ideal for office recycling. They fit perfectly against a desk and can be used for collecting waste or recycling. Available in a wide variety of colors. Contains minimum 35% recycled content.

    • Ideal for desk side recycling
    • Fit perfectly against a desk
    • Can be used for trash or recycling
    • One injection molded seamless piece
    • Available in 14, 28 & 41 quart sizes
    • Custom Stamping available:
      • Minimum order 200 pieces
      • Side Stamping: 5"W x 5.75"H


    Model Large Deskside Recycling/Waste Bin - 41 quarts
    Code B10180
    Capacity 41 quarts
    Dimension 11"L x 15.25"W x 19.9"H





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    Large Deskside Recycling-Waste Bin

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