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Make things easy! These units allow one-stop recycling and easy cleanup. All units have plastic liners. Units can be color and logo customized.

  • Celebrity Recycler

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    Celebrity Recycler


    The Celebrity Recycler™ features a brushed Stainless Steel body with a funnel top finished in finger-print proof Recycle Blue with a 6” opening. The 45-gallon capacity, leak proof, LLDPE plastic liner has lift holes for easy empty and the heavy duty feet on the bottom of the receptacle protects both the unit and floor surfaces. Unit arrives with the mobius arrows already applied and a decal kit (with applicator) for Cans, Plastic & Paper. This unit is red carpet ready and ideal for high-volume, high-traffic areas such as airports, schools, hospitals and convention centers!

    • 22” diameter by 34” high
    • Contains over 60% Recycled Content
    • ADA Compliant
    • 64.0 lb ship weight
    • 100% Made in the USA


    Container with a large presence!

    Model Celebrity Recycler
    Code RC-2234
    Capacity 45 gallons
    Weight 64 lbs
    Dimensions 22" Diam x 34"H


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    Celebrity Recycler

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    Celebrity Recycler

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