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  • Ellipse Indoor Two Stream Receptacle

    • Product Code: RGU-3645 INDOOR
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    Ellipse Indoor Two Stream Receptacle


    • Ideal for indoor use, or recommended for outdoor use only under protective canopy
    • Two 45 gallon square liners for a combined 90 gallon capacity
    • Heavy-duty two-stream waste and recycling receptacle
    • Keyed locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access
    • Features beveled square openings: 13" with Black trim for TRASH and 8" with Recycle Blue trim for RECYCLABLES
    • The liner base resin meets UL94 flammability standard
    • Graphite body contains EXL-COATï¾™ UV-resistant powder coat finish
    • Pre applied easy-to-read white graphics. Custom colors & logos available (additional charge may apply)
    • Contains over 30% recycled material and 100% post-consumer recyclable
    • Made in the USA

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions 45"L X 23.5"W X 36.5"H
    Weight 150 lbs.
    Colors Sand/Hammered Copper Trim
    Green/Sepia Trim
    Royal Blue/Hammered Grey Trim
    Graphite/Hammered Grey Trim
    Ellipse Indoor Two Stream Receptacle

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    Ellipse Indoor Two Stream ReceptacleEllipse Indoor Two Stream Receptacle

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