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Steora is by far the most advanced solar smart bench on the market and is optimized for continuous public use. It was developed to satisfy the future needs of sustainable and smart connected urban spaces. By creatively harnessing green solar energy, the Steora Smart Bench provides USB and wireless cell phone charging, mobile WIFI Internet, area lighting, seat cooling, local advertising information, sensor and data gathering.

  • Lunasol M1 LED Bollard

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    Lunasol M1 LED Bollard


    The Lunasol M1 solar powered LED bollard is an ideal choice for low level architectural, commercial way finding, and landscaping lighting applications. Visual appeal combined with high quality construction and unequaled solar power performance make the Lunasol M1 Solar LED Bollard an excellent fit where quality low level lighting is required.

    Utilizing solar power and LED lighting the Lunasol M1 Solar LED bollards are fully self contained and offer significant benefits over typical wired bollards:

    • Low installed cost and minimal site impact with no trenching, cabling or wiring
    • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change 
    • Immune from power outages 
    • Provide a visibly green statement without recurring carbon emissions

    The performance of the Lunasol M1 Solar LED Bollard is maximized through the use of proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) technology that allows the luminaire to function in harmony with its environment.

    The EMS ensures that regardless of low-solar weather patterns or unusual charging conditions such as shading, the bollard continues to provide useable light that enhances the appeal and safety of the night time environment.

    The Lunasol M1 Bollard may contribute to the achievement of the following LEED credits:

    • SS Credit 8: Light Pollution Reduction
    • EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance
    • EA Credit 2: On-Site Renewable Energy
    • MR Credit 4: Recycled Content


    Solar Module:
    High impact, UV resistant encapsulation
    High efficiency mono-crystalline cells
    Fully integrated into bollard housing
    Used for day/night detection (no photocell required)
    Solar Lighting Controller (SLC):
    High efficiency Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller
    Microcontroller based system
    Includes high efficiency LED driver
    Integrated into bollard housing
    Automatically manages lighting performance based on environmental conditions and lighting requirements
    Patent pending
    High performance Lithium (LiFePO4)
    Exceptional 8 – 10 year life cycle
    High temperature tolerance
    Contained within bollard post
    Designed for easy battery changes when required
    LEDs and Optics:
    High output Cree LEDs
    50,000 hour L70 lifetime
    Warm (3000K) and neutral (4500K) white color temperatures available
    Omni-directional light output with Fresnel lens
    Typical lumen output of 50 lumens
    Mechanical Construction:
    Cast, low copper aluminum housing
    Extruded, low copper aluminum post
    Stainless fasteners
    Architectural grade, super durable, TGIC powder coat
    Factory Set Lighting Profiles:
    On at dusk, off at dawn
    On at dusk, turn off after 6 hours
    On at dusk, dim to 30% after 6 hours
    On at dusk, off after 5 hours, on 1 hour before dawn
    On at dusk, dim to 30% after 5 hours, on for 1 hour before dawn

    Order Matrix

    Series M1
    Height 101 - 9”
    102 - 34”
    Finish BK - Black
    BZ - Bronze
    SV - Silver
    WH - White
    CC - Custom
    Distribution SYM- Symmetrical
    LED Color 30K - 3000K
    43K - 4300K
    55K - 5500K
    Lighting Profile 00 - Dusk till dawn
    01 - Dark +6 hours then off
    02 - Dark +6 hours then 30%
    03 - Dark +5 hours, off, Dawn -1 hour
    04 - Dark +5 hours, 30%, Dawn -1 hour
    Options WOB- Ship Without Battery
    SEC - Security Fasteners



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    Lunasol M1 LED Bollard

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    Lunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED Bollard
    Lunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED Bollard
    Lunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED BollardLunasol M1 LED Bollard

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