Kaleidoscope Collection

Like a real Kaleidoscope, these recyclers offer our customers the ability to establish their recycling centers in a variety of colors and patterns to meet their needs. As the facility changes, you can add units to fit snugly together or up against corners or walls. Kaleidoscope units are constructed of fire-safe steel, are ADA compliant, and always made in the USA.

  • Kaleidoscope XL Rectangular

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    Kaleidoscope XL Rectangular


    • Sturdy feet to protect floor surfaces and keep unit slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and prevent mold/mildew growth and "mop around" rings.
    • Fingerprint-proof textured EXL-COAT™ powder coat finish on body
    • Silver Star lid with rectangle opening for Trash and co-mingle opening for all other waste streams
    • Crisp, white, easy to read pre-applied graphic on two sides for desired waste streams: CANS/BOTTLES, PLASTIC, PAPER, RECYCLABLES, or TRASH
    • Includes rigid plastic liner with lift handles. The liner base resin meets UL94 Flammability Standard
    • Contains over 30% recycled material and 100% post-consumer recyclable
    • Made in the USA


    Units can be arranged to fit any area.

    Cap. (Gal.) 17 gallon rectangular
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.5" L x 18.25" W x 35.5" H
    Decals C, P, T
    Colors BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX
    Weight 38 lbs.


    Red, Blue, Green, Black



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    Kaleidoscope XL Rectangular

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    Kaleidoscope XL RectangularKaleidoscope XL Rectangular

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